We’ve noticed that there are a lot of people in the world who are overwhelmed, exhausted, and starting to feel hopeless at the state of the world. The way we approach death in this country is a mess and people are expected to carry on as if nothing ever happened. 

But we know that’s not the way forward. There are so many people who want to heal and want to make impactful change, which is why I would like to invite you to our monthly giving community, The Heartbeat.

I’ll highlight the top 5 benefits, but there are many more: 

  1. As a Heartbeat Member, you have exclusive access to quarterly zoom calls with our founder and special guests along with connections to other amazing generous Heartbeat members. 
  2. You will have unlimited access to our grief support and educational videos  as they're added (basic members will have a limited selection in the learning tab) to inspire deeper connection and wisdom as you do your own healing and support others. 
  3. You’ll get fun gifts on your giving anniversaries, which I have to admit, we have A TON of fun with :) 
  4. Your gifts allow us to serve families, but knowing our balance isn't starting out at zero every month allows us to plan to serve families in the future too! 
  5. And most importantly, you’ll be transforming pain into healing, which will send a ripple effect into the generations to come. 

Every gift increment of $10/mo allows us to train and sustain one photographer, which has exponential impact as they are able to serve numerous families on their grief and healing journey. 

We have givers in our community giving $10/mo all the way up to $250/mo. Would you like to join The Heartbeat of Love Not Lost to help us continue to love people well now and into the future? If so, please click here now. 

If not, no worries. The Heartbeat tab will stay in the community platform in the left navigation.

We just want to let you know that this is the next step for whenever you are ready to take it. Thank you for your heart to love people well.